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Category: Maryse Fashion
Get the Look: Game Awards 2014 Red Dress & Black Heels
February 16th, 2014| Comments Off
Planet Sexy: Get Your Summer House of Maryse Swimwear!
July 24th, 2013| Comments Off
Did Maryse REALLY Cut Her Long Luscious Blonde Locks!?
July 19th, 2013| Comments Off
Decisions, Decisions: Who Wore It Better? Maryse or Alicia?
July 10th, 2013| Comments Off
Get Your House of Maryse Swimwear for the Summer!
June 7th, 2013| Comments Off
House of Maryse Expands Collection w/ Swimwear
November 21st, 2012| Comments Off
House of Maryse Launch Event News & Photos
November 15th, 2012| Comments Off
Maryse Talks House of Maryse with ModaMob.com
November 12th, 2012| Comments Off
House of Maryse Launches at Mark Wong Nark Store
October 23rd, 2012| Comments Off
Fashion Showdown: Maryse vs Lindsey Lohan
August 11th, 2012| Comments Off
House of Maryse finally launches! Shop now!
August 9th, 2012| Comments Off
Lots of new items for sale on Maryse’s Ebay
May 29th, 2012| Comments Off

02/20/14 - Maryse & Miz are officially married!
Wedding Details | Exclusive Wedding Photos
Site Features: Virtual Wedding | Love Story

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Name: Maryse Ouellet Born: January 21, 1983 Hometown: Montreal, Quebec (Province), Canada Resides: Los Angles, California, United States of America
Mino Bio: Former Wrestler / WWE Diva, 2x WWE Divas Champion, Owner & Designer of House of Maryse (Jewelry & Swimsuits), Playboy Covergirl, Animal Lover, Fashion Fanatic, Model, etc. CLICK HERE FOR FULL BIOGRAPHY >>>


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